The Lord’s Love (Malachi 1)

i began a study in Malachi this morning.  Malachi 1 is a humbling chapter that implores me to look at what I am offering to the Lord.  He doesn’t want me to give what is left over, but rather wants me to give Him my best, because He has given me His best (Jesus).  Even if He hadn’t i would still be called to give my best just because He is God and He is holy and i am not.   This journey of life takes us down many different roads.  i have been wooed by many different things in this life, but always my heart comes back to a sovereign God who chooses to love me even in His holiness.  Why Jesus, the answer is simple for me (although it used to not be), hope…He is my hope that beyond anything here on Earth there is love a true  unadulterated love that wants to save me from the wreckage of this life i create.  If that is my hope then why should i give what is left over to the LORD?  i should give Him all because my hope lies in His love alone.  He wants me at my best, and He wants the best from me and for me, and so he implores me through Malachi and through relationships and through a relationship with Him to dig deeper and give more and give my best…not just monetarily, but in every aspect…i have to be committed to a sacrifice that is sacrifice beyond comfort, a sacrifice that is and will be sanctified by a HOLY GOD, who gives me hope that beyond this present struggle, there is a love that knows no bounds and holds no expectations but draws me to a deeper more meaningful relationship with a Creator that beautifully created me and hopes for so much more of the years i have left to spend on this Earth…i will no longer sacrifice my lame and sick, i will no longer give what is left over, but i will give all of me and sacrifice even to the deepest parts of my comfort if only to give a portion back of a life that has been so generously been given.

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