What is the Difference Between Them and Me? (Malachi 3)

Am i so arrogant as to consider myself better or further along than the Israelites, if so then Malachi definitely sets me straight.  i, too, am in desperate need of the Refiner’s fire—daily— i want to be as pure silver before the LORD.  i kid myself if i believe i am of different nature than the Israelites—the hope i rest in is that Jesus has changed my nature by the holiness of His nature.  i, too, have been holding back—living for me—giving less than my best to the LORD.  Perhaps the thoughts are not the exact, but i, too, if God sent his messenger would question, but LORD what have i held back…why am i being called out?  i want to move from that place and into His refining fire to live the rest my days certain that i am near Him and He drawn near to me.  i will fear Him and be in right relationship by His might not mine.  If i lose that healthy fear of Him and His sovereignty in every aspect then i fall back in line with the Israelites.  So i pray for this fear to be real everyday so that i may draw near to Him and His abundance of LOVE.

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