From whence we come does matter…

Today i started my journey through the New Testament, the teachings and life of Jesus and into Paul’s journeys and those of the other writers of the New Testament canon.  i am excited, i prayed that the insight i garnered by reading some of the prophetic writings prior to journeying through the New Testament would give me new eyes and a new heart to see how truly life changing the man of Jesus was, is and will be.  My goal is to strive to live a life like His.  A life of ministry and truth.  To do this i felt compelled to re-journey through the life and ministry of Christ.  Before when i’ve read Matthew, i will confess that i mainly skim all the names, because it seems a bit boring.  This morning i prayed that i would be attentive and open to the pure meaning behind all those names and all that genealogy.  As always God shows how every chapter, in His Holy Word is of matter.  I read the familiar history in a new way, i made connections i hadn’t made before, and i realized that from whence i come does matter to the LORD.  He knows my history, better than i, quite honestly.  He knows back 14 generations and even further in my tree and He shows that something that may seem small and insignificant to me, really means so much more than my mind can wrap around.  As i read the familiar story of Mary and Joseph, a verse struck me, something i had missed in my skimming of chapter 1…

21 “She will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins.”

God didn’t say and he will wear a flowing robe with an adorned crowned and he will deliver the people from the evil rulers who have held them in captivity and bondage while oppressing them.  No God said, “for he will save his people from their sins.”  In my life that is so much more than i deserve, so much more than i could hope for, to be saved from my sins.  These messes i make, the things that hold me down without hope, He comes in and rescues me.  My thoughts that tell me horrible things about myself and others, He rescues me.  My actions that do hurtful things to myself and others, He rescues me.  My carnality that is concerned only for me, He rescues me.  And He does all of this in the most humble way.  He didn’t come to Earth and live this posh life with everything He wanted the way He wanted, and He could have because He is sovereign and He is God.  But instead He is born a baby, goes on the run, isn’t accepted in His hometown, is spat upon, mocked, hung, given a thorn of crowns all in humility just to save me from my sins…that is from whence i come and it means everything.

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