Mostly it’s hard bein upside down and stayin there (Matthew 7)

This Kingdom, Jesus implores me to, presents a wide chasm.  In fact, it goes against most everything culture has shown me.  i am drawn to this Kingdom still, i just find that it is hard hanging out in this culture upside down all the time.  Not only is it difficult for me to turn myself in such a way to begin with, i also, get real tired of being upside down.  It’s easy to want to give up on that kind of living.  To take the black and white that seems so clear in Matthew 7 and blend it all together to a beautiful shade of gray and then dump the responsibility of being upside down…all the time.  If i blend it then when i’m at work i can hang out upright or if i go out with friends on Friday night, there isn’t really a need to make them feel awkward with me hanging around upside down really?  But when i’m at church or around other people who are upside down then i can hang out upside down, then it’s not awkward for anyone is it?  Except, then i’ve made my relationship with God secondary and my comfort and other people’s comfort first.  So then perhaps i’ve made it awkward with God.  All of sudden, chapter 6, comes rushing to mind and i wonder, am i that hypocrite Jesus was speaking to?  Then i begin to know deep within my soul that it really isn’t so hard to bein’ upside down nor is it hard to stay that way for an eternity.  What’s the secret to bein’ upside down all the time?  Jesus.  Jesus is the answer.  His Spirit in me makes it feel right to be upside down and suddenly it feels strange to be right side up, in fact, it makes me quite nauseous. Upside down my black turns to black and my white turns to white, and there is suddenly no trying to make it all fit because it will never fit, it can’t be both.  i can’t be both, either i am a follower of Christ or i am not.  There is no shade of gray, no matter how beautiful it’s tones may seem.  i’m either in or out.  And in the end God knows.  i can do all sorts of things in His name and for His Kingdom and still be out, now that is hard to swallow. i don’t take this relationship lightly.  Bein’ upside down is hard until i realize that there is no way for me stay upside down of my own volition.  it simply must come out of a right relationship with a Saviour.  He chose me and i have to trust that He will keep me upside down here in this world, so i must choose Him everyday!  Come be upside down with me.

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