When Lookin’ for Faith, Compassion Lies in Wait…(Matthew 9)

i have to confess i’ve read this chapter a few times since last i wrote.  i’ve had many thoughts on this chapter, but didn’t write them, and it’s been at least 2 or 3 weeks since i’ve picked up Matthew to read, as to continue journeying through. i haven’t been far from Christ, but i have been out of the Word, i want to remedy that, starting now.  So i read Matthew 9 again tonight and i told myself, “i won’t sleep until i write”. 

This chapter symbolizes so many facets of my life right now.  i’m no theologian, i don’t know Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek, i don’t have a degree from a Bible college or a seminary, i’m not trying to teach the Bible, just trying to relate my feelings as i read. Lately, i’ve been sad, i’ve wanted to disconnect, runaway, not be relational with anyone and this chapter reminds me that Jesus has compassion for me, regardless of me and my current state of heart and being.  He calls me out of my sadness, out of my sleep as He did the ruler’s daughter here in chapter 9.  He implores me to have faith in Him, in the unseen, to believe.  He also implores those closest to me to do the same on my behalf, to not give up on me, but to go to Jesus on my behalf and ask for my healing, and well He implores me to do the same for those i know and love too and those He loves.  He implores me to be a laborer in the harvest not a mocker and unbeliever trying to question instead of doing and being and trusting in Him.  There are days when i’m overwhelmed by sadness that could engulf my life, but i choose Him, i choose to reach up and touch His garment in faith, believing in His compassion for me and humanity…i know it’s waiting there for me to hold when my faith comes back to life…

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