Embracing Higher Ways (Matthew 19)

Well, it’s been a good long while since i’ve written about my thoughts on Matthew.  i have, since last i wrote, read Matthew 19 numerous times, just trying to listen; to hear it speak to me.  Now, i haven’t been reading it everyday since March 31st, but i have certainly read it a lot.  There are some hard truths in it, some things that are difficult for me to want to write about, like divorce and love of possessions.  

As i just read and sought Jesus in it, the thing that began to whisper to my heart is that in Christ i am set on a path of embracing higher ways.  Things that seem not possible to me on my own; truth that is hard to swallow, circumstances that are difficult to fathom, and in general a life that is upside down when compared to the status quo.  The truth is that i am not unlike the Pharisees questioning divorce, or the disciples further questioning the statements Jesus made on divorce, or the disciples shooing the children away from their master or like the rich young ruler, full of his own righteousness and dependent on worldly possessions.  i am the same, stuck in my humanness and carnality.  It is only through the pursuing of a merciful, gracious and loving Father that i can embrace a higher way than what my mind can presently perceive.  The advantage i have over those in this passage is i get to know the rest of the story.  i know that Jesus overcame death and the grave and sits at the right hand of his father interceding for me, rooting for me, loving me and just being for me.  This makes it possible for me to embrace a higher way.  A way that says anyone can come to Jesus, i don’t get to shoo anyone away, that regardless of circumstance: divorce, vain conceit, independence, clinging to possessions and money or sin Jesus can change my heart and move me to embrace higher ways that seem contrary to the learned and those who have yet to embrace Christ as their salvation and hope.  In Matthew 19:26 Jesus says…”With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”  i trust in this saying and i know that in myself i am lost and broken, but in God all things are possible.  i can turn and be healed, i can let my insecurities go, i can let go of my standards for who gets to come to Christ, i can let God be in control and just focus on embracing higher ways by being in relationship with him every moment of everyday without trying to understand or control it.  So in my life i choose to chase after embracing a way that is higher than my own and let my own way die to Jesus.  It isn’t always easy and i haven’t mastered it, but Jesus continues to be all i need, and he makes embracing higher ways possible in my life.

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