i am officially 33.  i’ve always liked the number 33…it symbolizes much.  i feel fortunate to get to see another birthday.  i feel blessed in the life i am living; that said there is still much i want to make good on with the days i have left.  It is certain that life is fragile; as i have been reminded, immensely of, this past week.  To be honest, i am not afraid of dying, i am more afraid of not making good of the time i have been given.  It is so easy to just get caught in the day to day living and to forget to be alive.  As i look back over the goals i set for the 2012 year, i realize that i’ve done some of those things well and some so-so and some not well at all.  i don’t want to look back on my time and wonder if it could have been different, that much i know for sure.  So here i am writing this on my birthday and feeling a new sense of being alive and commitment to the goals i set on 1/1/12.  Some were short-term and some were eternal kingdom type.  They all still stir an overwhelming feeling in my heart, they still need to be tended to and cultivated.  i plan on that with the days i am given.  Truth is i don’t want money or fame or things, i just want to be a drink offering everyday before the LORD.  That will make my life.  Life is about relationships and intentionality in those, i hope i do right with what i have been given.  So as a final reflection i am posting a screen shot of those goals…feel free to keep me accountable.  33 is a good year…#gonnamakeithappen 

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