This is the Day…

that the Lord hath made and i will rejoice and be glad in it.  i also rejoice because this is the day that my best friend was brought forth unto the world some years ago, so i celebrate!

Anne…never have i had a friend like you.  It is because of your friendship that i can truly be a friend and let others be a friend to me.  Everyday i am amazed by your sweet spirit and your compassion.  You have taught me so much about who Jesus is just by being you!  We have had a lot of adventures over the last 17-18 years and i am thankful for each and every one! i pray that we have a whole lot more too!  i also pray that this will be your most whimsical year yet; that your heart would burst alive in Christ (even more) and be made ready for your deepest desires to come into fruition!  i have watched you grow and nurture your heart toward Christ and the person you are today shows me that His love story is true and that redemption isn’t just some wild dream, but it’s real!  Thanks for always being that and reminding me that it’s true in my life too!  i pray that today will be filled with whimsy and capers!  Here’s to my best friend and to another great year that you will impact others for Christ!

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