Embracing the Word and the Mystery (Matthew 24)

i have all kinds of questions and i struggle in wanting answers for all of these questions that i find swirling around this head.  i reach out a hand just grabbing at the universe to try and find who i am and why i am.  i come up empty time and time and time again.  This is why i love Matthew 24, it reminds me that i am not supposed to know.  It reminds me that there is beauty in the Mystery of it all.  It answers all my questions and doubts, deep within my soul, and tells me to embrace what i know to be true despite anything else…The Word.   Just as foretold in Matthew 24, the world is becoming full of lawlessness and i am surrounded by immorality, my prayer is that my Love will not grow cold.  That i will hold on…hold on to the Mystery….hold on to the Word…hold on to Love.  Love is the only thing that can save me…save me from my self and my sin and this world and all it’s charms.  i want to live ready…i don’t want weeping and gnashing of teeth for eternity.  i don’t want my love to grow cold and grow enchanted by things that lead to ruin, but i want to hold on to the Mystery of it all…i want to grab hold of the Word and never let go…

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