Embracing Readiness (Matthew 25)

We are here for a reason.  We don’t have forever.  We are not even guaranteed tomorrow.  Matthew 25 is the stark revelation that we can’t take for granted a single moment in this life we are given.  This life is certainly not been given to me for my own gain.  It’s not about the pleasure that can be obtained, but it is about being ready.  It’s about urging others to be ready as well.  Taking risk, not for personal gain or wealth, but for the Kingdom of God.  If i bury the truth i’ve been given, the truth that’s set me free, i am essentially throwing it all away.  We will be judged, not by our peers, but by our creator, and when all is said and done, i long for Him to say to me “well done”.  It begins today and goes until there is no more breath left in these lungs…i am called to be a difference maker…i am called to be ready…i am called to be His.

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