Embracing Death and Forever (Matthew 27)

Fewer things are harder for me to accept than the fact that the Lamb that was without blemish was slain for me.  He died for my inequities.  i am the the crowd that cried “Let him be crucified!” and i am the crowd that mocked him saying “Hail King of the Jews!”  Jesus embraced death by crucifixion for me (you)…for my (our) sin and He breathed hope into the world.  i must embrace his death to in order to offer hope of forever to a dark world that still mocks my King Jesus.  i am a transgressor and some how i am still a friend to the King.  By His death i have forever, if i can be humble and accept that he is the only way, i can’t make my way, but He has already made it…”why?” i often ask…the only answer i’ve ever found is Love.  i embrace death in order to embrace forever.

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