Embracing the Commission (Matthew 28)

i have heard the truth.  i have felt the truth.  i have let the truth change me.  Now i must share the truth.  He wasn’t in his tomb, because he overcame that grave.  He ascended to be with His Father, to be our King…to be our Brother…to be our Interceder…to send us His Spirit…to live inside of us.  How could i ever keep that to myself.  i’ve read and i’ve believed, but it means nothing if i hide it away, but i can’t.  i have to share this Friend with the world, because he has set me free.  Cut the chains to all my inequity.  Gone before me bearing truth where once there wasn’t any.  Because of Him i can fall face first in the dirt, embrace failure and hope in the same breath.  i am no longer a slave to this world…to this sin, but i am His and He is mine.  i am known and because i’m known i’ve got to let you know too.  Go to the ends of the Earth just to shout his name…to proclaim His truth and hope.  i know i will never convert another soul unto Him, but i will pray and He will find a way to make known through me the truth of his unparalleled majesty and maybe just maybe someone will know Him because i’ve opened my heart…been vulnerable and free.  Simply changing the world because He is and He has set grace and mercy free and loose…

Who can hear the truth and not yell it for everyone to hear, hoping just maybe that those words will catch the wind and fall on ears everywhere…

And at the end of the day we’re all just longing to be known…to be free….

He is the only one who can meet us there…

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