Living with Whimsy….

What is whimsy? whim·sy   [hwim-zee, wim–] noun, plural whim·sies. 1. capricious humor or disposition; extravagant, fanciful, or excessively playful expression: a play withlots of whimsy. 2. an odd or fanciful notion. 3. anything odd or fanciful; a product of playful or capricious fancy: a whimsy from an otherwise thoughtfulwriter. Since reading Bob Goff’s book Love Does, i do my best to embrace the whimsical moments in life.  i also believe we can create whimsy in the way we live.  i wanted to start my 35th year of life right, by embracing and […]

35 and Counting

When counting 35 is actually quite a small number in the grand scheme.  Honestly i haven’t felt old since I turned 20, once i passed that milestone i haven’t given age or years much thought.  It is in the realm of possibility that 35 could mark the half way point of my being in this […]

Sage Saying Saturday

“Here’s my hunch: nobody’s secure, and nobody feels like she completely belongs. Those insecurities are just job hazards of being human. But some people dance anyway, and those people have more fun.” ― Glennon Melton,  Carry On, Warrior: Thoughts on Life Unarmed