35 and Counting

When counting 35 is actually quite a small number in the grand scheme.  Honestly i haven’t felt old since I turned 20, once i passed that milestone i haven’t given age or years much thought.  It is in the realm of possibility that 35 could mark the half way point of my being in this life, give or take a few years.

As i reflect back on the past 35 years there are some moments that i am proud of and there are many moments that i never want to forget because of the joy they represent.  There are things i see and feel that i hope will be different in my next 35 years too.  These years are fleeting and i don’t want to waste a single one.  Tim McGraw crooned the song “In My Next 30 Years”, well i’m penning a blog, an ode to my next 35 years.

In my next 35 years…

i want to be less insecure about who i am, and accept that i am fearfully and wonderfully made.

i want to plan less and enjoy more.

i want to listen to music and dance everyday without being inhibited by my insecurity.

i want to belly laugh more and over-think less.

i want to trust more and control less.

i want to love more and judge less.

i want to go deeper and fear less.

i want to embrace joy and shun bitterness.

i want to put my feet in the water and soak in the moment more and let the hurry of life fade.

i want to be thankful for each day and let the future work itself out.

i want my heart to be soft and let the hard exterior be chipped away.

i want to be engaged with people when i’m with them and not my phone and etc.

i want to see inspiration around me not just “stuff”.

i want to create everyday not just dream about it.

i want to embrace the adventure of life more and quit letting fear get in the way.

i want to give more and worry less.

i want to be kinder…

i want to be braver…

i want to be more compassionate…

These things will make the next 35 years even better than the first.  i love this story that’s being written, i want to be true to it and i hope you continue to walk with me in it.

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