Today i realize i move so slowly through time, but time is moving swiftly through me.  There’s not much i want to hold on to, i have peace about life moving on, change is my constant and go to in life.  i do want to live with my heart on the table every single day though.  It is 2015 and i find myself at the age of 35 slowly moving toward who i am supposed to be.

In this new year of 2015 my goals are simple.  Simple is what i choose in this messiness and complicatedness that we call living.  i simply want to live in Love, act with an intentional vulnerability, and breathe out authenticity.

i will live presently in situations, turn off distractions and live more selflessly with open eyes and heart to the world around me.  i will judge myself less and move toward better in all ways in my life.  i will write my heart, because this pilgrimage i’m on is moving and leading me to the heart of Jesus and that’s right where i want to be 2015.

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