Words Wednesday

“unburdened and becoming”

–J. Vernon


Ten days (11 when this post) of have come and gone in 2017.   A new year brings lots of thoughts.  i have not made a new year’s resolution in many years, mostly because i was never very resolute.    i remember several years back someone i respect shared her word for the year.  i do not remember where she said she got the idea, but it was something she had been practicing for a bit, and i liked it very much.  i did it for a year or two, but much like resolutions it fell by the wayside.

2016 was a decent year.  Lots of change, which i tend to enjoy and fear at the same time.  All in all, though, it has felt right.  No major personal regrets and no major reflections of all the greatness that will never be again…it was decent, on a personal level, it was decent.

i had not thought much about resolutions, goals, or a personal word for 2017.  i was prepared to treat January 1, 2017 much like every day before it; another new day that i would embrace in its fullness.

Then i saw a post by Laura McKowen on Instagram.  It was two days before Christmas (it was on Festivus) when she posted it, and it instantly resonated me.  i am not sure when i began following Laura, but i know she had popped up on my Instagram explore feed because of an author i follow to whom she had a similar feed, but i also know it was because i needed to see the post on December 23, 2016.  The post reminded me of the stories that i had been holding on to that i need to let go.  It reminded me that i am just a human being breathed in a moment and that so many of the stories i carry good or bad alike do not serve me well in this moment of being human.

So, the chasing of the rabbit hole began; i decided i must start listening to the podcast (Home podcast) that Laura co-host with her friend Holly Whitaker (hipsobriety).  So as i sat in an airport getting ready to leave the Midwest on December 30 for home, i began listening.  i listened to the most recent Home Podcast first, which is out of character for me, but i knew I wanted to start there based on the description.  Laura and Holly were talking about New Year’s Revolutions…it was what i needed to hear.  In the podcast, they talked about many things surrounding New Year’s Eve and New Year.  Two elements that set my brain on a journey were related to writing a letter for the year and discerning a word for 2017.  It was a practice i could resolve to do and keep doing.

So i began contemplating what my word would be for 2017.  The first word that i was drawn to was “become”.  The second word was “free” or “freedom”.  There were several more that popped in and out, but my heart just kept fluttering back to “become” and “free”.  Then in a moment when i was writing and listening to music, one of my favorite songs of 2016 played, Bon Iver’s (Justin Vernon) 8 (circle) and i knew without a doubt that 2017 would be encompassed by 3 words for me.  “Unburdened and Becoming”, that is the line in the song that so deeply moves me and it adequately summed up the two words that kept coming to mind, “become” and “free” or “freedom”.

Unburdened and becoming…

Pictured above…Laura’s Instagram posts

Link to Home Podcast…New Year’s Revolutions… http://www.homepodcast.org/episodes//episode-71-new-years-revolutions

To Be Continued…

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